Google Data Centers Expansion in Central Ohio

Google announces the construction of two new data centers in central Ohio, solidifying the region as a growing hub for data center operations and fueling Google's AI innovations.

Project overview

Google is expanding its data center presence in central Ohio by building two new data centers at locations in Columbus and Lancaster. With this expansion, Ohio becomes one of Google's fastest-growing data center hubs, supporting the company's artificial intelligence technologies and services like search, Gmail, and maps.


Alphabet Inc.

"It’s very unique and special to have three different campuses in one region like central Ohio. I think that’s a great testament to what a great place Ohio has been to do business for us." - Amber Tillman, Head of Data Center Economic and Community Development at Google


What we did

COCAP played a crucial role in supporting Google's data center expansion in central Ohio by providing financial resources, expertise, and community partnerships to accelerate the project's development and ensure its successful implementation.




Job Creation


Economic Growth

Project approach

Google has invested over $2 billion in Ohio, leveraging the region's robust infrastructure, talented workforce, and supportive community partnerships. The data centers will be strategically located to ensure reliable operations, affordable power supply, and minimal risk of natural disasters.
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