Ohio Workforce Hub for Economic Development

Columbus, Ohio, has been designated as one of five new "Workforce Hubs" by the federal government, aiming to drive effective place-based workforce development efforts and boost economic growth across the state.

Project overview

The Workforce Hub designation for Columbus recognizes the city's emergence as a center of investment in industries like semiconductor manufacturing, clean energy, and transportation. The project aims to provide apprenticeship programs and training opportunities to equip workers with the skills needed in these thriving local industries.

U.S. Federal Government


“Ohio Emerged as a center for investment across a variety of industries.” - President Biden


What we did

COCAP will play a role in supporting the Ohio Workforce Hub project by providing expertise and resources to drive effective workforce development initiatives in collaboration with federal, state, and local partners.


Workforce Hubs

Project approach

COCAP's involvement in the project would focus on supporting workforce development initiatives, providing financial resources, fostering community partnerships, and leveraging existing grant programs to enhance job training and education in Ohio. COCAP's expertise and network would help drive the project's success.
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